Things That You Can Learn From SERPs

If we look at SERPs, it should be surprising to figure out how evolved the algorithm behind these pages is. In the early days, Google search result pages were not this much advanced. Now, the results we get after entering the queries are amazingly compatible to the type of queries we enter.

On the receiving end, Google search result pages are amazing because user can find whatever he/she wants. However, the marketers and search engine optimizers are often found to be struggling with the tougher terms set by Google, the top search engine.

In this scenario, a marketer can always get benefit from anything which could facilitate in the work of search engine marketing or optimization. Having that said, it is worth mentioning that these marketers and optimizers can find breaks while exploring SERPs. There are some ways you can look at SERPs to figure out the best plan of action in order to bring your business in the spotlight of search engine.

Mine the information from ads

Searching on Google using keywords related to your business may give you the information about ads being created against the keywords that you are going to use. Here, you can use this information to find out if your team is actually doing the homework required. This information can even help in creation of content which you can use to propagate the information you want to be show to the public.

Determine the value of your keywords using paid search data

It may be a surprise for you but it is the fact that paid search ads can be both expensive and inexpensive. When you enter into this domain, the first thing that you learn is the presence and sophistication of the competitors and advertisers. Here, you will automatically think about attaining a list of top ranking keywords.

Getting CPC data is important because this data is strictly directional. This data gives you the exact information which you can use to get targeted traffic on your business website.

Leverage local search

SEO of a website to get global traffic can sometimes be a tough ask. I am not suggesting that you should abandon the idea to promote your website anywhere in the world where Google is accessed. But if you are not able to get result, you can shift your focus on the searches which include ‘near me’. Yes, you can shift your focus to the local area. The benefit of focusing on local search first is that you start to get to know about the key performance indicators fairly quickly. Then you can work on the techniques to expand your circle.


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